Sunday, May 31, 2009


I want you to hear me.
I don’t want to be misunderstood
Or misquoted
I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea
To dissect my words to find a hidden meaning.
I don’t want you to even think that I have
A meaning that I would try to hide.

I know the meaning of the word wrong.
I know that right is think that feels good
And tells you that you are pleasing God.
I know the wrong thing will break you
Into pieces so small that you can’t help
But cut everyone who tries to help you
See the way to right.
This is why there can be no misunderstanding
Me when I am saying these things.

I understand that you are holding a bible
Deflecting my love with it, coloring me
In with the black ink of it’s pages
And screaming the only things you can make
Sense of to tell me that I am hurting you,
Hurting your belief and your trust that
You are being lead in the right direction
Even though I can see from the way you bend
To protect yourself from my smile
That it hurts you to try and break me.
I know that you mean to love me,
Mean to hold me sacred, because my heart
Is not screaming for pain.
I will continue to reach out and touch your
Face and connect you to my love
Because I can’t forget that you are a part
Of me, I think you feel that too.

But I am not going to let it go.
I am not going stop begging you to
Hear the words I am speaking because I am
Holding the bible to my heart
And not trying to deflect you, not hiding
From the smile you are trying to not
Share with me…
I know you want to love me.
What I need you to know is that love
Is never wrong.
It’s never wrong to hold someone to you
That wants to be in your arms
Its never wrong to kiss the lips that whisper your name
In the dark of night and the light of day
Its never wrong to say goodnight
Its never wrong to say good morning
To the same face each day of your life.
Its never wrong to wear a gold band
And confine your sweetness to the hands of
Another when you know they are going
To take such good care of it.

Can’t you see what I want?
I want you to stop, stop screaming
That I am the sin.
Stop saying that God cannot love me
Because I hear him inside my head
My heart
Turning words inside my soul
And I hear nothing but the bright
Light of love
That I am welcoming in.
How can you say that’s wrong?
How can you say that I am dangerous,
Thinking the devils thoughts
When all I want to do is love
While you are trying to trample me?

I know you want to love me.
Just reach out one hand
I will take it, I will hold it
Stand strong
And never let you down
Walk with me down the same road
And see that I am not taking a path
Any different from your own
Trust me that I know God too.

I know you want to love me,
Because I love you.
Jesus told me it was the right thing
Why don’t you agree?