Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Everything" (Psalm 62:7)

I can rise
Waking against the dawn
Drawing myself from the comfort
I believe, into the purple-gray
That I am so unsure of
I can open my eyes
Stare into the horizon
Daring the sun to look back at my
Face and blind me with it’s
Unending draught
Purified in fire
Disintegrating darkness
I can do anything
Even if I am only me

I can retire
Pushing against the light
Quieting myself with the escape
Into my own world
Something I think of as
Mine alone
I can convince myself that this
Doesn’t have to happen to me
I don’t need to see the sun
When I am shivering with the moon
In my hands I create dreams
Telling myself I don’t belong
To the world you made
I can do anything
Even if I am only me

I can.
You etch into my soul
The desire to resist
The desire to fight
To comfort
You let me call it my own and
I fall into your arms
Calling it anything I choose
To invent

You will wake me with the light
You put me to sleep with the night
You let me believe me
You let me just be

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