Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have done so much thinking, praying and talking
To those close to me in the past few days
Regarding a topic of enormous ‘issue’ for me.
I have to deal with it head on and I don’t want too
But what continues to stand in my path is
That I must do the right thing.
When right and wrong are so very vibrant,
I have to simply chose right and stand for it.

It’s really hard to stand for what’s right.
Inevitably someone will get hurt,
Someone will be get angry and someone
Will become defensive and use that as a means
To knock you down.
But right is right.
And hypocrisy is not right.

I have decided to completely
Uninvolved myself in something that actually
Means a lot to me based on pure principle.
I cannot be part and parcel to an act
Of blatant hypocrisy…
It would be lying, it would be against
My beliefs so powerfully
That I would be ashamed of myself.

So now, it sounds easy,
Just don’t get involved.
But its not that easy..
I cannot silently uninvolved myself
Because the world wont change through
To step back and cross your arms
In disgust…
You become a main character in the
Acts you find repulsive.
So the hard part is to face the fact
That you have to stand up and say
“I don’t believe in what you are doing.
I think your acts are unchristian. I believe
What you are doing is more harmful
Than helpful.”

But to have to say this all to and about
Someone you love
Is the worst feeling in the world…
But the best thing you could ever do.

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