Wednesday, April 1, 2009

re-writing Isaiah 41:10

I watched your head fall
Your haunted silence is mine
The tested waters cold to your
skin at the riverside
I see what this has done
to you in the sacred places
The changeless soul
that I have grown to love
as I could only love my own
I know that you cry
Tears of lost redemption
Tears of prayer for the last
of the revelations
I can taste the salt on my lips
when you sing in the dark
It is for me that you sing
the words are my loss as well

Before you drive yourself
any closer to the ledge
Stumble any further from
my sights
Let me plead with you
in a language you will know
Take care, frightened heart
Hold to the shore and you will
find in time that it is my hand
Run into the darkness and I
will make it my arms
Fall to your knees and wail for me
I will make it a love song
and your cries will be redemption
Trust me that I am here in
your darkest nights of fear
Whatever wrong you believe is done
I have righted it with my love
You and I are the same
And forsake you I will not

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