Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Do you know where I am?
Trace my steps from where you think
I begin to where you now stand
and tell me if the footsteps don’t match
in their intent, if not their path.
Too often we watch the path we take,
the path we think others take,
and we judge the scenery as the destination
and the destination as the proverbial wall
we are so wont to hit.

So take a step back, re-evaluate.
Do you know where you are?
Can you see me from where you are standing?
Or do you even see anything at all?

I went on a long overdue vacation to an island
and it was there and then that I realized
where I am
Using the little realized G.P.S…
God Positioning System.
Often lost and forever wanting I find my faith
often the wall and not the scenery.
Philosophy is like that.

Faith is the scenery, faith is the belief
in what is there for you to see, regardless
of what someone else can or can’t see.
People search high and low for God in this world
and I don’t think God cares to be searched for,
It’s a quest with no point.
You don’t search for your house when you
are standing inside it…
You don’t look for the keys that you are using…
You don’t tear the room apart looking for the room...
God will find you, he doesn’t need you to find him.
You are moving and living and breathing inside him
and he is covering you with everything
that he is at all times.
From the air you breathe to the skin that wraps yours bones.
You are here, You are within and God is all around you.
Sit still and let God find you.
He will.
Sometimes it will be in the subtle
Movements of whispery web of fish fins in water
Or the shattered curves of a war torn torpedo
and you will feel the tug, the overwhelming everything
that wells up within you
The unexplained throbbing of you heart and fluttering
of the blood that spreads its fingers through your veins.
Sit still and God will find you
And you will remember…
Faith is the scenery…
The destination?
Well, that’s not really our business yet, is it?

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