Monday, October 13, 2008

The definition of defeat: an epic on the epic

I am the vessel by which your God
May or may not speak
I strike a chord with what you feel
And I look a lot like the faith
You wanted to abandon when
It fled from you the first time
But here I stand with my arms
Outstretched awaiting your
Confirmation that I am
Everything you have waited for
In that I am the vessel by which
Your God is willing to teach.

I am the foundation
strong and stable
by which your God may or may not
hold you up when the time
comes for everyone else to
knock you down again and
again but I will catch
your fall
as the landing is never
what you think through
all the broken bones
and white lights
But here I am beneath your feet
Like an animal
Pleading to your good senses
For a moment of your attention
In that I am all that
holds you up by which you God
will defend us all

I am the vision, the Holy Chalice,
The dream of a better world by which
Your God may or may not lead
You to embrace a broken idea
In a world bleeding all over the pavement
At the end of your throne
Turning to dust the wicked and
Exalting the righteous
As the street walkers and preachers
Unite in an understanding that
With so many dangers in this place
We are all there really needs to be
Like a brethren of bastard saints
We are
We are
I am reaching through the
Clouds to welcome the reigning glory
Of the vision that has become
Your chance to be that by which
Your God entrusts no doom.

I am the angel, voice of reason
By which your God may or may
Not tear the sin from your bones
And gentle you into submission
That corrects the painful position
Your soul has crushed itself into
And from that moment I know
You will become my only known
Confidante and I will never fail
To direct you to the right blood and
True believers that walk
The gutters beside the enchantment
Of gold lit Boulevards and the
Out of touch trophy sinners
Who fear to trust
Their own life to what it is I
Can command
With the voice by which your
God may bring about
The kingdom of his word.

I am the letter of the law by
Which your God may or may not
Forgive you against all the
Odds that you have set up
Like a wall to protect you from
Salvation in the name of any
Of the dangerously misled
Believing them when they
Dissect my intentions to turn you
Into the evils of the world
When it is I who have spoken
To you in the dark of night to
Remind you that no man can
Make a mockery of me as I am
The words, the truths, the monster
That the righteous wrongs still fear
As they hide beneath my covers
Making strange bedfellows of me
When I am not their defender
Because I seek you
I just want to use you
To my ends in the way
By which your God may
Forgive us all one day.

I am the savior
The grace by which your God may
Or may not open upon the
World as a whole to entreaty the
Damned to my arms in this
faced against
Defined holiness and into the
Ocean of everlasting
Where I can promise you with
Each step I take I will
begin to drown with you
as I am and always will be the same
as the childless mothers, the loveless
lovers, the broken, beaten and dysphoric
Please stop for a moment
And look into my eyes and know that I
Am not here to destroy you
Hands outreached to carry you with me
Back to the place we belong
Back home to the place where it all began
I am your God by which I may
Welcome you into my home
And invite you to stay
Because you are mine
And it is you that I love
No matter who you are afraid you might
Really be.

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