Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Judas Factor

Foresight is knowing something is going to happen
Before it actually occurs.
Most anyone can obtain foresight from logical
Means of deduction when they put their minds to
It, we usually have all the information but
No desire to exact a conclusion.

Not all foresight wear this cloak of humanity
Some foresight is simply there.
When you “had the feeling” that would happen,
Dreamt that it had happened, sensed it was to happen.
Some foresight is unseen and unheard,
feeling powerful enough
To be as it is.

God given.

It is inside the disappointing shell of foresight
That I sit tonight. Watching from my knowing
Tower over the incidents that I predicted without
Reason. The buying and selling of trust
In the Judas market of everyday life.

I have always respected Judas, understood him to
Be the one biblical character who could be anyone of us.
The one who made the largest errors
And the fastest judgments in order to obtain the
Sanity of one who protects his interests first.
The beauty of the betrayal of Jesus is
That it was done by one who loved him so
Through that love he managed to betray him
To his death so swiftly.
But would you, upon reading of his betrayal
Turn away so quickly from the court of Judas?
You stood in his corner for so long through so many
Pages of devotion and trust,
Would you turn so easily? Condemn so surely?
How quickly we all become Judas, don’t you think?

The truth is that we are living in a world so filled with
Fear to protect ourselves from everyone else that we find ourselves
In a cycle of love and betrayal, hand in hand.
The more we love you, the more we betray you.
The more you trust us, the deeper the knife in the back will sink.
It is only through that betrayal that those of us
Suffering the wounds, those of us kissed before the eyes of
Our enemies can stop the cycle.

DO as Jesus did.
DO as he believed.

Forgive your betrayer, learn to love them still.
Easier said than done,

Today I will learn to forgive and embrace my betrayer.
Knowing that I once loved Judas, knowing the Jesus always loved Judas.
Sell me out for a few coins of silver and gold
And I kneel down and forgive you your humanity still.

Do not live in anger and hurt.
I will not live in anger and hurt.
‘so tonight that I might see’

that’s all I can say for now,

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